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How FamousFan Works

What if we told you that nearly 10% of fans share an experience that will motivate them to visit your website/app and share team branded content on their personal social networks?

This is a moment that, until now, fans have been unable to capture.

FamousFan can unlock the full potential of this dynamic content. The result will be deeper digital relationships with your fans and authentic cross-platform promotion for you and your sponsors.

Host Content

Footage can reside within your website and/or app; no external download required

Drive Traffic

On average, 72% of fans who appear on the jumbotron will access your site and spend 3+ minutes interacting with content


The digital version of your Jumbotron can be customized to include organic sponsorships and clickable links within the photo

Rich Data

You have full transparency into who's viewing content and where they are sharing it

Easy to Implement

Your control room sends an mp4 file after the game and our technology makes it accessible and sharable for fans!

Organic Promotion

The brand of your team and sponsors will be authentically positioned on content shared by fans in your market

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FamousFan is a social experience that encourages fans to download and share sponsored, team-branded content on their personal social networks. In doing so, we help franchises build authentic digital relationships with their fanbase.

What customers are saying

"One of our biggest goals at Duke is building relationships with our fan base and finding new and different ways to engage with that group on game day. FamousFan offers a unique opportunity for our fans to share their experience with friends and family by helping them savor the moments that they're featured on our in-game videoboard broadcast. Those instances are often some of the most unforgettable for our supporters and now those moments can be captured forever."

- Ryan Craig
Executive Director of Digital Strategy, Duke Athletics
“Now when fans call looking for their footage, we just direct them to our website rather than attempting the time intensive process of finding, clipping and sending. Josh and his team go above and beyond to make sure we, and our fans, are serviced with the utmost care and consistency.”

- Greg Cody
Game Operations, San Antonio Spurs

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